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Healthcare Reform

The expected flurry of guidance and regulations implementing provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in full swing. And, many of the government publications will have more significant short- and long-term impact than in the past on employer-sponsored health care plans as well as the overall health care marketplace.

In response, Trion has created the Health Care Reform News, HCRAlert! And Trion Alerts publications. Our publications will keep you, our clients, well informed and up to date on all new ACA as well as general health care reform news.

Our Publications

Each issue focuses on specific regulations impacting employers and provides a summary of the rules in a question and answer (Q&A) format, and our thoughts on what it all means to you. Our goal is to help you understand the key elements and implications of each guidance/regulation better than the typical summary you receive.

Our quick-release publication that Trion will issue within 48 to 72 hours of newsworthy ACA events. This is a supplement to our full-length publication, which provides more detailed information and insight for employers about health care reform.

It's hard keeping up with all the changes in the benefits industry - and even harder finding the time to wade through trade publications, association updates and local news. That's why we created Trion Compliance Alerts - we have changes covered so you don't have to.

Do you have an urgent question related to the Affordable Care Act? Send an email to and one of our team members will respond to you.

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Health Care Reform News 2014

2014.12.11 HCRNews Reading Between the Lines

2014.09.29.HCRNews ACA Checklist for Employers-Countdown to 2015

2014.07.10 HCRNews Final Regulations on Orientation Period

2014.07.10 HCRNews Reminder PCORI Fees Due July 31

2014.04.01 HCRNews Final Regulations on Employer Mandate Employer Reporting Requirements

2014.03.06 HCRNews Employer Mandate Final Regulations Issued

2014.02.19 Last Call for Non Calendar Year Cafeteria Plan Transitions Relief

Health Care Reform News 2015

2015.06.22 HCRNews ACA Checklist for Employers Countdown to 2016

2015.03.16 HCRNews Initial IRS Guidance on 2018 High Cost Plan Excise Tax

2015.09.30 HCRNews 2015 ACA Reporting for Employers 50-99 Employees 

HCRAlert! 2014

2014.11.18 HCRAlert! Supreme Court to Review IRS Rule on Federal Subsidies

2014.11.18 HCRAlert! Agencies Confirm Premium Reimbursement and Member Dumping Are Very Bad Ideas

2014.11.17 HCRAlert! Trasitional Reinsurance Contribution Filing Deadline Extended

2014.11.17 HCRAlert! Minimum Value Standards Clarified

2014.11.03 HCRAlert! HPID Enforcement Delay

2014.10.14 HPID FAQs and Employer Action Steps

2014.10.14 HCRAlert! IRS to Amend Cafeteria Plan Regulations

2014.09.26 HCRAlert! IRS Announces 2014 PCORI Fee Amount

2014.09.22 HCRAlert! HPID and Certification of Compliance

2014.09.15 HCRAlert! IRS Releases Draft Instructions for Annual Employer Reporting Forms

2014.07.30 HCRAlert! IRS Releases Draft Forms for Required Employer Reporting

2014.07.23 HCRAlert! District Court Subsidy Decision

2014.03.26 HCRAlert! Data Analytics Webinar QandA

2014.02.25 HCRAlert! 90-Day Waiting Period Final and Proposed Regulations Issued

2014.02.11 HCRAlert! Administration Again Delays Mandate for Some Employers

2014.01.24 HCRAlert! Excepted Benefits

2014.01.22 HCRAlert! New ACA FAQs

HCRAlert! 2015

2015.10.06 HCRAlert! Obama to Sign PACE Act

2015.09.22.2015 HCRAlert! IRS Releases Final 2015 Annual Reporting Forms.pdf

2015.09.17 HCRAlert! Enrollment Counts for Transitional Reinsurance Fee Due November 2015

2015.08.17 HCRAlert! IRS Annual Reporting Forms.pdf

2015.08.03 HCRAlert! Preventive Care Guidance.pdf

2015.07.14 HCRAlert! New Trade Act Quietly Increase Reporting Penalties

2015.06.26 HCRAlert! King v. Burwell Decision

2015.06.25 HCRAlert! SCOTUS Upholds Federal Subsidies

2015.06.16 Agencies Issue Final SBC Rules

2015.06.08 HCRAlert! IRS Issues Additional QandAs on Annual Reporting

2015.05.28 HCRAlert! Departments Clarify Out-of-Pocket Limit Rules for 2016

2015.05.14+HCRAlert! Agencies Issue FAQs on ACA Preventive Care

2015.1.20 HCRAlert! Congress Gets To Work On Affordable Care Act Amendments

Trion Compliance Alerts 2014

2014.10.31 IRS Announces 2015 Tax Limits

2014.09.12 Reminder Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage

2014.05.14 Model COBRA Notices and Federal Exchange Guidance

2014.02.11 Upcoming CMS Medicare Part D Disclosure Deadline

2014.01.28 MHPAEA Final Regulations and FAQs

Trion Compliance Alerts 2015

2015.09.17 Reminder Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notification Deadline

2015.06.30 SCOTUS Ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges

014.05.14 Model COBRA Notices and Federal Exchange Special Enrollment Period Guidance

2015.02.04 Annual Medicare Part D Disclosure Reminder

2015.01.06 Retroactive Increase to 2014 Transit Benefits