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Our Services

Trion offers a unique blend of services and turnkey solutions to meet our clients’ needs. As a result of these solutions, we’ve saved thousands of clients tens of thousands of dollars and we can do the same for you.

We’re so confident we can help your company save money,
we’ll put our fees on it.

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Our service model comprises four key stages:

1. Strategic Planning

  • Assessment. Trion evaluates the State of the Market, benchmarking, financial/clinical/risk data through rigorous analysis based on your unique situation.
  • Cost Management. Blending short- and long-term strategies, Trion creates a plan that will achieve your goals most cost effectively.
  • Financial Modeling. Trion’s proprietary Strategic Forecast Model™ allows us to forecast into the future, using what we learn to inform planning and build a multi-year strategy.
  • Strategy Development. Using our proprietary tools and relying on the deep knowledge and experience of our teams, we balance the value of benefits with what you as an employer can afford. We do that by developing and implementing strategies and tactics that improve plan design, administration, and costs.
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2. Financial Management

Trion’s financial management abilities set it apart from our competitors. Using approaches driven by “forensic” underwriting, our teams bring an exceptionally unique degree of analytical expertise to both our clients and the marketplace. We’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure your benefits plans are well positioned financially, and help you understand cost trends and the implications for your organization. Our work includes:

  • Financial and Clinical Analysis. Each year, Trion’s in-house team of underwriters and actuaries provide a detailed analysis of price, utilization, and cost trends based on paid claims and your population’s health conditions.
  • Health Program Review. Trion uses data from the carriers’ wellness, disease, and care management program to make sure you’re getting targeted results.
  • Funding Alternatives. We evaluate your current funding method and recommend alternatives based on your needs and goals, making sure you get the most value from your plans.
  • Ongoing Reporting. Each year, Trion evaluates where you stand, using key financial and clinical metrics to help you tell the right story and we’ll help you shape that information into a presentation for your leadership.
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3. Vendor Management

Trion is known for negotiating the best rates in the business with all of the major insurance carriers. Our team makes sure these and other vendors provide the quality, services, and pricing you expect. We do that by keeping our hands in the details. We oversee:

  • Implementation. From plan and program design to rates and final pricing, we review each step to ensure that your vendors’ services match their proposals and then their contracts.
  • Vendor Performance. We meet separately every year with each health care vendor to review their performance, build consensus on strategies for making improvements, and discuss more enhanced capabilities. The goal is to act on your behalf, increasing the value of your employee benefit offerings, while making sure program costs align with your budget.
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4. Renewal Management

Trion’s proven model showcases its dedicated team, extraordinary marketplace leverage, and commitment to making the renewal process as seamless as possible for our clients. Each year, we re-evaluate our clients’ plans and recommend an approach for the renewal. That process includes:

  • Vendor Negotiations. We negotiate on your behalf to achieve the most optimal contracts – those that include competitive pricing and meaningful performance guarantees.
  • Design/Funding Options. We balance the value of your employee benefits with affordable costs for both you as an employer and your employees as consumers.
  • Employee Contribution Modeling. We create contribution solutions with the best employer-employee subsidy balance.
  • Budget Development. We document all aspects of your budget including projected annual costs, and future increases.
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Additional Services:

Health Management Consulting

Trion offers our clients integrated health management programs that fit our clients’ individual expectations and achieve meaningful results for them and their employees. We deliver the process, analysis, advice, and support that enables the client to meet its objectives, including:

  • Evaluating the client’s Health Management profile to determine the appropriate strategy model.
  • Assessing the client’s existing wellness initiatives and plan performance.
  • Defining a multi-year strategy that will achieve expected results.
  • Selecting the best vendors and establishing an ongoing vendor management performance system.
  • Developing branding and communications strategies that promote the most impactful messaging to stakeholders.
  • Measuring performance to make sure programs are moving the dial in the right direction.
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Compliance Management

Trion’s in-house compliance department provides ongoing support and timely updates on legislative and regulatory changes. Our services include:

  • Trion Alerts emails (Compliance Alert, HCRAlert!, and Health Care Reform News)
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tools and Analysis which offer meaningful projections and recommendations using actuarial-based modeling tools.
  • Comprehensive compliance checklist that allows you to stay on top of all that needs to be done to meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Annual preparation of signature-ready Form 5500 filings for health and welfare benefits plans.
  • Annual presentation summarizing ACA updates and required action items.
  • Ongoing technical updates, seminars, and webinars.
  • Trion webpage with latest information and ACA archive.
  • Compliance reports and disclosure materials.
  • Ongoing contract and compliance advice, and more.
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Client Services

Trion’s Client Services Team is unique to the industry. Each client gets a dedicated client service manager to support its day-to-day needs, acting as an extension of the internal client team. Your client service team will provide support around plan administration, plan management issues resolution, and service delivery. This includes:

  • Escalating and resolving claims issues.
  • Working with vendors during enrollment to ensure they’re meeting your needs.
  • Monitoring and filing stop-loss claims.
  • Reviewing Summary Plan Descriptions and contracts to ensure consistency with plan provisions.
  • Supporting employee education efforts by hosting webinars, developing narrated presentations, and when needed, coordinating and participating in enrollment meetings and benefits fairs.
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Trion’s award-winning Communications Practice offer a full-service, one-stop shop for strategic benefits communications. With a 97 percent retention rate, we serve clients from every industry. Whether you’re looking for a one-off campaign or a long-term strategy plan, we strive to help you achieve your business goals by engaging your employees and helping them to understand their employer-sponsored benefits. Our services include:

  • Custom and semi-custom communications offerings, from tailored programs to turnkey off-the-shelf toolkits.
  • Strategic communications planning.
  • Communications audits. We’ll help you review what you’re doing currently and provide recommendations on how efforts and, in turn, results can be improved.
  • Employee-listening (e.g., focus groups, opinion polls, executive interviews).
  • Program branding, including logo design, messaging, and a plan to roll out the brand to stakeholders.
  • Campaign design and execution; including creative services, project management, and production and web support as needed.
  • Measurement programs using analytics from progressive communications tools, as well as usability, claims, and participation data.

Our team provides clients with year-round benefits communications that support employees in being better health care consumers, using their benefits most cost effectively, increasing participation in wellness programs and enrollment periods, meeting the responsibilities of the Affordable Care Act, navigating a private exchange, and more. From enrollment and wellness, to consumerism and the Affordable Care Act, we’ve got you and your employees covered.

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Benefits Administration Platform - MMA MarketLink℠

Our proprietary MMA MarketLink platform supports your business objectives and employees with a user-focused experience that offers much more than just annual enrollment services:

  • One Platform, multiple solutions: You can engage us for traditional benefits administration or a private exchange; it’s your choice – and all possible on our one system that’s unique to the market. MarketLink offers you the flexibility to grow and/or change direction; you can use a defined contribution or defined benefits funding approach.
  • Standard wellness integration: You are able to build on a culture of wellness by allowing your employees to track and store data from their wearable devices (e.g., Fitbit). Our platform offers them program modules, community challenges, and social collaboration – all the elements that research shows makes a difference for them and your company. Direct-to-employee messaging requires little to no interaction by your human resources team.
  • Affordable Care Act Compliance: We have our clients’ backs when it comes to Form W-2 reporting, look-back periods, full-service tracking and reporting – terms that weren’t part of our industry vernacular five years ago. Our teams stay on top of everything ACA so you don’t have to. For example, our reporting and tracking tool allows you to comfortably meet the new Section 6055 and 6056 requirements.
  • Inactive/Benefits Ineligible Population Solutions: Our Individual Exchange is a great option for retirees, COBRA-eligibles, and part-time employees who are looking for an alternative to traditional options – and value a more seamless approach to getting the access to services they need while meeting the requirements of the ACA.

Our platform includes:

  • Self-service web portals for the employer and the employees.
  • Improved efficiency with our intuitive system and seamless transfer of data.
  • Simplified billing process to help eliminate inaccuracies in payment with state-of-the-art reconciliation tools.

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