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Global Leadership.

Global Leadership.
As part of Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC (MMA), a subsidiary of Marsh, LLC, the world's leading global insurance broker and risk management advisor, Trion is a leader in the employee benefits marketplace, simplifying benefits and risk management for local, regional, and Fortune 1000 companies by combining a unique blend of in-house health and welfare management services including:

  • Advanced consultation
  • Brokerage
  • Administration
  • Risk management services

All to help clients reach a favorable balance between their insurance and benefits programs.

Trion's unified, continuous support simplifies the complexities of benefits management resulting in improved financial outcomes, increased employee benefits value, enhanced customer service and administrative efficiencies.

With the collective buying power of more than 450 organizations, we have leverage with the major insurance carriers to get the absolute best rates for our clients' benefits dollars.

An Eye Toward The Future.

The future of the U.S. healthcare industry is filled with uncertainty. New laws enacted over the past several years have provisions that change the landscape for employers, some of which don't take effect for years. That doesn't account for any new laws or provisions that will come down the pike in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

To address what is now and what may be coming, Trion is investing for the future. Among other activities, our firm has recently put significant dollars towards enhancing our administration services to include outsourced administration and private exchange capabilities all on one platform: MMA MarketLink (insert superscript SM after MarketLink). We also have an individual exchange to support those employee populations who are ineligible for core benefits--such as retirees, part-time, and COBRA-eligible populations. In doing so, as part of the world's leading global insurance broker and risk management advisor, we are well positioned to help our clients address whatever lies ahead.

Our People.

Trion prides itself on hiring and retaining leading actuaries, underwriters, consultants, marketers, communications specialists, financial analysts, and administrators who have individually and collectively met the needs of more than 150 Fortune 1000 employers. Our experienced customer service team is dedicated to supporting our clients' employees in troubleshooting and better decision-making, softening the process around navigating the health care system, working with insurers, and understanding the language of benefits.

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